Hi  –  I’m Roald Ellingsen.

I live in Haugesund, a small town situated on the southwestern coast of Norway,            facing the cold northern Atlantic with the Shetlands as closest neighbours to the west.

Pleased that you’ve stumbled upon my combined blog and website!

Mongolia: i Gobi

Mongolia: in the middle of the Gobi desert

Most of it is, however, published in Norwegian,                                                                               but exceptions can be found, written in English:                                                    https://rexyz.me/tekster/reisehistorier/faeroyene-13/ )
And, here a few words in English on the website of my travel companion in our Gobi-adventure, paleontologist Dr. Robert Sullivan, along with his photos:   http://www.robertmsullivanphd.com/MONGOLIA_-revised_layout.html

On the other hand, most of my web sites are filled with photos, with no language barriers present.

Tunisia: nær Zafrane

Tunisia: in the Sahara, not too far from Zafrane

For the benefit of visitors not being able to read Norwegian, see my short guide.


Enjoy !

Marokko: fra Anti-Atlas

Marokko: view from the Anti-Atlas

Marokko: fra Anti-Atlas

Marokko: in the Anti-Atlas, bordering the Sahara desert

Marokko: fra Anti-Atlas

Marokko: view from the Anti-Atlas, to the High-Atlas mountains

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