For the benefit of visitors not being able to read Norwegian, here is a short guide:

Hjem:              Home:            a welcome & introduction to my ‘sort-of-travel’-blog

Skråblikk:      My Blog:        a (not daily) blog, with photos & short texts

Reisefotos:      Travel Photos:  from my travels, many of which in desolate places  1)

Tekster:           Texts:          some lyrics, as well as some travel reports in plain text

Om meg:         About me:    travel experiences, travel library, my hobbies, company info

Andre fotos:   Other Photos:   samples of some of my photos, mostly locally related   2)

Geologi:          Geology:        a chapter of my great hobby, documenting some ‘achievements’

Musikk:           Music:           about my interest in guitars, as well as choir singing

Lenker:           Links:            links to some recommended blogs I’ve come to learn about


1)  see Travel Photos :

2)  see  Other Photos:

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